31 03, 2021

Leverage Insights


Issue 6, April 2021 Introduction: Recently, Leverage Health’s Richard Lungen spoke with Rebecca Jacobson, president of Astrata, about the many ways today’s digital analytics are transforming quality healthcare.  Leverage Health: Thanks for talking with us today, Rebecca. Could you give our readers a snapshot of your background and how it led you to co-found [...]

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22 04, 2020

Leverage Insights


Issue 5, April 2020 Today Leverage Insights interviews Dr. Jeff Kang, Chief Executive Officer of WellBe Senior Medical (WellBe). WellBe is a Leverage Health Portfolio Company, and Jeff’s extensive healthcare experience as both a doctor and executive offers lessons of particular relevance as healthcare shifts to more virtual and in-home care.  It is important [...]

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30 03, 2020

Leverage Insights


Issue 4, April 2020 Leverage Health is pleased to distribute this issue of Leverage Insights highlighting an interview with Charlie Falcone, Chief Executive Officer of Aperture as well as Co-Managing Member of Leverage Health Solutions. Leverage Insights offers a uniquely insightful and actionable view into the healthcare marketplace.  We are proud and grateful to share [...]

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9 06, 2015

The time is now (real-time) to have accurate Provider Data


Beginning next year, CMS will require health insurers to provide individuals enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans up-to-date details about those plans in real time. More specifically, health insurers will have to contact doctors and other providers every three months and update their online directories to include details about which doctors in the plan are [...]

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