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3 01, 2023

Leverage Insights


Issue 10, Jan. 2023 Leverage Health: The Year in Review, The Year Ahead One year ago in January 2022, most predictions for healthcare focused on continued, pandemic-driven uncertainty and pressure across the entire industry ecosystem.  Sitting here a year later, it feels like many of those prognosticators undershot the mark.  From worker shortages, supply [...]

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5 09, 2022

Leverage Insights


Issue 9, Sept. 2022 Back to the Future: A look at the future of musculoskeletal treatment and what we need to do to get there. In this latest issue of Leverage Insights, Leverage Health Executive Vice President, Mark Stryker is joined by Marcus Osborne, LHS’s Senior Healthcare Advisor and former Senior Vice President of [...]

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2 08, 2022

Dave Reilly – Memorial


HAVERTOWN, PA – Jun. 24, 2022 – We are sad to report that our long-time friend and associate at Leverage Health, Dave Reilly, has passed away. Dave was a foundational member of our team and was part of our family. We are so grateful for his contributions and lessons to everybody at Leverage Health over the years. We [...]

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17 05, 2022

Leverage Insights


Issue 8, May 2022 An Interview with Leverage Health Founder Richard Lungen Our Mission: Identify and Grow Companies to Move Healthcare Forward Intro: Leverage Health saw a record 2021 and we see no signs of slowing down in 2022. We wanted to utilize the first issue of Leverage Insights 2022 to share details about [...]

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