Leverage Health is a venture catalyst driving U.S. healthcare forward. We leverage the vision of industry leaders and the spark of innovation to streamline systems, increase revenues, and improve patients’ lives.

Innovations emerge every day. But knowing which innovators have the right stuff to deliver on their promises, and drive real value into the health care ecosystem, is another story. And therein lies our mission – the reason why we do what we do every day.

Our long track record of success is a direct result of our portfolio company selection process combined with our unmatched sales and business development capabilities, our collective industry knowledge, and our deep relationships with payors. This combination makes us the go-to people for industry-changing solutions.

We serve health plans, provider organizations, employers, and other industry stakeholders who finance healthcare. Our job is to look at, and over the horizon, identifying unmet health care needs. We then curate a select group of innovators who can best meet those needs.

Leverage Health is built, from the ground up, to bring forward only the best organizations to improve quality and reduce the costs of healthcare. We identify those who can deliver at the highest level and who have the greatest potential for growth, success and solutions that work.

After all, the achievements of our portfolio companies determine our success, and yours. The buzz and visibility we create around our portfolio companies attracts other emerging technologies and often sparks more and even better innovation, and ultimately more value delivered to our customers and your consumers.



Verisys uses advanced technology and tailored services to accurately and efficiently manage the complex provider data needed to power intelligent provider networks. Verisys' flexible platform and automated processes support seamless provider lifecycle workflows, enabling health plans to drive efficiencies, reduce costs, ensure compliance, and attract and satisfy more physicians and members. Start the Conversation Visit Verisys The Latest News from Verisys.



Vim delivers provider-network performance and an enhanced member experience by connecting payers to health care’s last mile: provider workflow at the point of care. The Vim Interoperability Platform creates fast, economical, two-way data links between Payers and Providers. Vim creates cost savings and quality improvement by delivering Referral Guidance, Care Gap and Risk Adjustment fulfillment, Digital Scheduling, and member benefit data directly into the Provider’s EHR.


Purple Lab

Through its Agile Provider Profiling Platform™, PurpleLab helps health plans observe the performance of all participants in their medical networks through a turn-key platform solution designed to create opportunities to drive network performance and enhance Value-Based Contracting.   PurpleLab's extensive data set and intuitive user interface offers Payers, Providers and Hospital Systems insightful reporting to review performance benchmarking and optimization, resulting in better outcomes, while reducing inappropriate or unnecessary care.


Recovery One

RecoveryOne is redefining Musculoskeletal and Physical Therapy (MSK / PT) care and outcomes via its digital platform that is delivering a comprehensive MSK / PT solution. The RecoveryOne MSK / PT solution combines clinically proven pathways, exercises, and coaching supported by a team of clinical experts including behavior change coaches and physical therapists; all delivered via the company’s proprietary technology. For consumers, RecoveryOne delivers customized, dynamic care plans that include virtual physical therapy, behavior change support, exercise equipment, and an app for on-demand recovery sessions that are cost effective and more impactful.



Zerigo is the only consumer delivered solution available to counteract the massive growth in high-priced dermatological biologics ($100K - $200K for each patient, for each year, forever) in the treatment of psoriasis, vitiligo, and eczema. Zerigo combines smart technology with personal support to treat chronic skin conditions with its patented NB-UVB device to deliver care when and where it’s convenient for the patient. The treatment is controlled and data-captured by the Zerigo platform and overseen by the company’s Care Partners to ensure every patient experiences the most effective outcome, and at a fraction of the never-ending cost of dermatological biologics.



MOBĒ is a personalized, guided self-management program focused on substantially reducing cost of care through its fully "at-risk" model revolving around chronic pain conditions and adjacent comorbidities for a costly, previously unidentified population of consumers. Supported by studies from the National Institutes of Health, the program focuses on self-management skills, where responsibility and ownership for health is placed in the hands of the individual.


WellBe Senior Medical

WellBe is geriatric provider organization that takes full risk on Medicare Advantage members. They identify the polychronic Medicare members who have an MLR greater than 105 that is predicted to grow and provide full primary care, in the home and the clinicians follows the patient across all care setting including hospital, hospice, SNF, or nursing home to provide constant care. WellBe takes full risk from the healthplan for all attributed members with a guaranteed reduction in MLR, typically equates to $200 PMPM in guaranteed earnings improvement, that continues to improve each year. WellBe will also deliver at least 4 stars for Quality metrics in addition to financial guarantees. [...]



Astrata is a Digital Quality company, offering a full suite of products and services for health plans and value-driven providers who are moving from paper-based clinical quality measures to digital clinical quality measures. Astrata's products make it possible to better measure and improve healthcare quality, a foundation for moving to value-based care. Astrata's value propositions include dramatic efficiency gains, higher clinical rates, and increased quality bonus payments. Astrata’s mission is to transform the way the industry measures healthcare quality, helping to achieve value-based care across all populations.



Season’s evidence-based Digital Food Formulary and consumer-grade technology platform enables healthcare payors, providers and risk bearing entities to develop and manage a leading food benefits program at scale in their communities. From addressing food insecurity, to designing clinically sound food prescriptions, Season's platform supports patients in getting nutritious food tailored towards improving their long-term health outcomes. Home-delivered, medically tailored meals for those with chronic conditions or nutritional risk significantly lower inpatient utilizations, 30-day readmissions, and overall medical costs.

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