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Take healthcare forward, and people’s lives get better. Leverage Health connects industry leaders like you with the aspiring innovators who can meet your toughest challenges.

New innovations emerge every day. But who knows which innovators to trust. We do. Leverage Health thoroughly vets every company and innovation we recommend, so that you get the best solution from the best provider. Our due diligence process, plus our longtime history with the industry makes us the go-to people for the leading firms in healthcare.

Praise from Industry Leaders

Strategic Thinkers Tuned in to Healthcare’s Next Trends

“I continue to be impressed with the Leverage Health team and their ability to identify and partner with cutting-edge innovators. Their broad understanding of our industry combined with their thoughtful, strategic approach always leads to a productive two-way dialogue that jumpstarts my thinking on healthcare’s next trends.”

BRADLEY FLUEGEL, Senior Vice President, Chief Healthcare Commercial Market Development Officer, Walgreens

Valuable Intelligence for Healthcare Stakeholders

“I first met Leverage Health as Executive Vice President at Anthem and President of Anthem’s Commercial & Specialty Business. Since then, they’ve introduced me to many innovative ideas and companies with the potential to positively impact the organization. I value our relationship. Whenever we explore new opportunities together, they offer deep industry knowledge and creative strategies.”

KEN GOULET, President, KRG Advisers, Inc.

Diligent Entrepreneurs with a Robust Vetting Process

“The robust process that the Leverage Health team uses to vet new partners ensures that our meetings with them and their innovative portfolio companies are valuable. Independence appreciates Leverage Health’s understanding of industry trends. We consider their solutions seriously and are happy for our strong relationship.”

BRIAN LOBLEY, President, Commercial & Consumer Markets, Independence Blue Cross

Successful, Market-Savvy Business People

“Leverage Health embodies the critical characteristics of a successful business: strong leadership, market intelligence, access to the market, and financial stability. We’ve explored numerous opportunities with Leverage Health and always found our time with their team and partner organizations productive and enjoyable. I’m glad to call both Richard Lungen and Charlie Falcone friends.”

MARK TABAK, Chief Executive Officer, MultiPlan

Trusted Professionals in It for the Long Haul

“Over the years, whether I was on the payer or provider side of our industry, I’ve found working with Richard and Charlie and their talented team valuable. I appreciate both the network and the processes Leverage Health has developed as well as the new companies and solutions they’ve brought to my attention.”


Moving Healthcare Forward with the Power of Partnership

Leverage Health delivers best-in-class products and solutions to health plans, provider organizations, employers, and other industry stakeholders.

By The Numbers


We seek to: Drive positive changes in healthcare that significantly impact people’s lives. Share the best innovative solutions with intelligence, authenticity, and integrity to industry stakeholders across the country and at a greater scale than anyone else. Grow our company and the companies of our portfolio partners.

Compound Growth Rate
Closed Deals
Millions in Revenue
Billions in Stakeholder Valuation

Making It Happen for Industry Leaders

It’s time for sure-fire solutions that improve patients’ lives while taking healthcare businesses forward. But there are few people who have the street smarts, industry intel, and connections to make it happen. Leverage Health does.

Connecting You with Best-in-class Innovators

Because we know the healthcare business inside and out, and have been a part of it for years, industry stakeholders trust us. They don’t have to waste time and resources trying to suss out the most effective products, because they know we already have.

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