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It’s time for sure-fire solutions that improve patients’ lives while taking healthcare businesses forward. But there are few people who have the street smarts, industry intel, and connections to make it happen. Leverage Health does.

We’ve been a part of the healthcare industry for years. That’s why so many industry leaders trust us. Why waste time and resources trying to suss out solutions when we already have?

Solve your toughest problems.

We Share Best-in-Class Technology

We vet innovative companies, then share their best-in-class solutions with leading companies like yours. These aspiring innovators often don’t have the connections to get their solutions to the right people. So we introduce them to industry leaders, like you, who need the solutions they’ve developed. It’s a win-win.

Because your challenges aren’t yours alone when we bring a solution to light, healthcare benefits as a whole.

Our end goal is always to see the lives of patients, everywhere, get better.

A More Transparent,

More Productive Approach

By connecting you and the innovative companies who we’ve pre-determined have the solutions you need, we save you time and money, so you can offer better services to your patients or customers.


New innovations emerge every day. But knowing which innovators have the right stuff is another story. Leverage Health thoroughly vets every company and innovation we recommend, so that stakeholders get the best solution. Our due diligence process, plus our longtime track record makes us the go-to people for industry-changing solutions.

We serve health plans, provider organizations, employers, and other industry stakeholders. Our process begins by identifying unmet needs. Then we find the innovators who can best meet them.

Our due diligence process brings to light only the best innovators, those who can deliver at the highest level and who have the greatest potential for growth and success. After all, the success of our portfolio companies determines our success, and yours. We create buzz around what our portfolio companies, which attracts other emerging technologies and often sparks more and even better innovation.

How We Vet Innovators

  • Consider the degree of innovation, market conditions, and sophistication of operations
  • Narrow the field with targeted questions that often result in relevant answers that challenge current assumptions
  • Conduct highly focused discussions that lead us to the companies that may have what it takes to meet the industry’s needs
  • Analyze financials, leadership, product portfolio, business model, operations, and client satisfaction.

You Set the Terms

Because we only partner with companies that are the best in class, you can count on exceptional results. Leading firms like yours work with our portfolio companies knowing that we’ve vetted these companies using criteria that exceed their own.

Let’s say you’re a large insurer with an outdated EOB process that’s hamstrung your operations and frustrated your members. If we could show you a breakthrough system that addressed this very need, wouldn’t you breathe a sigh of relief? And remember, though we introduce you to the solutions and advise our portfolio companies, you’ll set the terms.

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