Teresa DiMarco, Strategic Advisor

To say that Teresa has had an impressive career in healthcare is an understatement. She’s run healthcare-management, IT, BPO, and health-plan companies. And as a three-time CEO she’s turned around underperformers, making them profitable and leading them to successful exits. Teresa has the inside track on every facet of the industry, from Medicaid markets to provider management to behavioral health solutions. Early on, she earned a BS in Nursing, followed by an MBA. She joined Leverage Health in 2014. After more than 25 years of executive experience, Teresa keeps her eye on the future.

“The great people at LH are experts in the healthcare field, driven to discover, build, and promote the solutions that can best meet the industry’s challenges, today and tomorrow.” —Teresa DiMarco

Before Leverage Health: First Health Services, Unisys (now Molina), Trigon Blue Cross/Blue Shield (now Anthem), WellAwareSystems

Afterwork Pursuits and Pleasures: Teresa is serious about plein-air painting and has practiced her craft in Virginia’s mountains and rural Italy, France, and Spain. Also on her list of favorite pastimes is golf.