Michael Paul Hendershot, Portfolio Director

A trifecta of drive, attention to detail, and passion for business give Michael the very tools he needs to manage and empower innovative companies. Michael has spent over a decade working in our industry, most recently as Director of Business Development at Softheon, which under his watch grew by a factor of 10 and increased revenues twentyfold. At Leverage Health, he’s helping our portfolio companies find their sweet spots and up their revenues. Michael has completely taken on LH’s mission of driving healthcare forward by filling gaps in the industry with innovations that reduce waste and lower costs. And, like the rest of us, he never loses sight of the end goal: a healthier population.

“I work with the smartest, most highly reputable people in healthcare. I look at every day as an opportunity to learn and grow.” —Michael Paul Hendershot

Before Leverage Health: Softheon, a healthcare IT and operations organization

Afterwork Pursuits and Pleasures: An active mind and a healthy body are Michael’s personal goals. An avid golfer, he enjoys food, drink, and travel.