Mark Stryker, Executive Vice President

Armed with a clarity that comes only from years of executive experience, Mark brings invaluable leadership to the business-development and revenue-generation sides of our business. With a profound grasp of both financial and consumer tech, he cuts through the noise of the marketplace to help healthcare stakeholders solve their biggest challenges.

Working across the C-suite in healthcare, emerging technologies, and financial services, Mark has created huge value for the companies he’s served. After his long stint as CFO at GuideWell Connect, where he delivered next-generation consumer sales, marketing, and member-engagement solutions to the nation’s health plans and at-risk health systems, joining LH was the logical next step.

“Crisscrossing the country with the LH team to deliver high-value solutions to the constituents we serve, who in turn serve a broad swath of consumers, is an honor as well as an incredible amount of fun.” —Mark Stryker

Before Leverage Health: GuideWell Connect, CyBerCorp (Charles Schwab)

Afterwork Pleasures and Pursuits: First comes spending time with family; a close second is racing cars, which Mark does on any and every kind of surface.