Charlie Falcone, Managing Member

One of those people whose minds toggle naturally between macro and micro, Charlie makes certain that Leverage Health runs smoothly today and every day. A healthcare-industry trailblazer and a partner at Leverage Health since 2009, Charlie currently serves as a board member and CEO of Aperture Credentialing, a significant Leverage Health portfolio company and the healthcare industry’s largest credentialing company.

In 2000, Charlie joined Devon Health Services, at first acting as executive VP and COO of the POP and national healthcare cost-containment company. From 2004 to 2009, under President Charlie’s watch, Devon achieved double-digit revenue and income growth. During his tenure at Devon Charlie built several successful startups for the company, including a point-of-care marketing and communications venture and one that manufactures and sources medical devices. In large part, Devon owes its prominent role in the healthcare marketplace to Charlie Falcone.

If you know Charlie—and so many in healthcare do—you know his dedication to and passion for the industry. The Leverage Health team recognizes and greatly appreciates these qualities. As a company leader, Charlie is invaluable and inspirational. Not only does he offer his respect for everyone on the team, he shows us how to work hard and still have fun.

“We infuse the industry today with tomorrow’s solutions. Leverage Health identifies the rising stars that build and implement the best-in-class products and services that raise standards for the whole of healthcare.” —Charlie Falcone

Before Leverage Health: Devon Health Services, including Supply Marketing and Devon Medical

Afterwork Pursuits and Pleasures: After hours, you’ll find Charlie putting on his running or biking shoes, or enjoying food and wine with family and friends.