29 10, 2019

Mobile Health Devices Are Here—Now What?


Health consumers have them, but are providers and health systems ready to use them? Innovations in healthcare appear every day. Until recently considered experimental, health-related mobile devices are being adopted by a growing number of consumers. Now, wherever it might improve the quality of the care offered, it’s time that healthcare systems, hospitals, [...]

Mobile Health Devices Are Here—Now What?2019-10-29T14:04:42+00:00
18 09, 2017

Part 2: Insomnia


The Economic and Psychological Costs of Insomnia: Part 2: Insomnia – Is there a better solution for health plans?  Member engagement is among the largest challenges health payers and third-party administrators (TPA) face in today’s consumer driven healthcare system. Millions of dollars are spent every year marketing to members to get them more involved [...]

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8 10, 2015

Digital Marketing is Reshaping the Healthcare Industry


You probably don’t know where your blind spots are. The healthcare industry has an unprecedented opportunity to drive market share, create transparency, improve performance, and engage patients, by leveraging digital marketing solutions.  Businesses, in general, are implementing  more targeted efforts aimed at getting in touch with more focused demographics when engaging in digital marketing.  [...]

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