HAVERTOWN, PA – Dec. 14, 2021 – As the market’s only Venture CatalystTM, Leverage Health continues our mission to transform the U.S healthcare industry while dramatically accelerating the growth of our portfolio companies. It’s with this goal in mind, that we’re pleased to announce the continued growth of our team and welcome Corey Feldman, MBA, MHI as Vice President.

Corey is passionate about helping innovative healthcare companies bring their products to market. Corey’s brother suffered from ulcerative colitis as a young adult and underwent numerous surgeries. His brother’s experiences as well as the loss of a military mentor in Israel to PTSD motivated Corey to pursue a career in healthcare and earn his master’s degree in Healthcare Innovation from the University of Pennsylvania. There, he learned to understand healthcare and technology from the clinician’s perspective, and how to move innovation more effectively within provider organizations. Corey also has an MBA from the Quantic School of Business and Technology. Prior to joining Leverage Health, Corey oversaw growth for an early-stage behavioral health company that uses AI to improve the effectiveness of psychotherapy.

With a passion for innovation and technology, Corey excels at evaluating and scaling early-stage companies across digital health and health IT, which aligns fully with our mission. “Corey Feldman’s strong leadership and business development skills along with his drive for innovation,” says Richard Lungen, Founder and Managing Member of Leverage Health, “make Corey an ideal addition to our strategy and business development team.”

Corey is also a teacher, podcaster, author and public speaker. Corey runs two podcast: “The Lone Soldier Podcast,” and “Healthcare Reimagined” which is done in partnership with the Society for Healthcare innovation and can be found on both Spotify and Apple Podcasts.  Corey is a published author, and released his book “A Line in the Sand” earlier this year, which tells the story of his training and service as a combat soldier in the Israel Defense Forces. Corey is also a volunteer EMT with Central Park Medical Unit,

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