Leverage Health delivers best-in-class products and solutions to health plans, provider organizations, employers, and other industry stakeholders. Our specialization ensures that every relationship fostered by Leverage Health is efficiently and cost-effectively implemented with all parties’ expectations optimally satisfied.

I have known Leverage Health for a number of years and my experiences with Richard, Charlie and the others on their team straddle my time on both the payer and provider side of the industry. Leverage Health has been professional and prepared with its coordination of meetings and presentations. I have found value in the network and relationships they have built, sales processes and pipeline development efforts, learning about new solutions and companies that Leverage Health has brought to us for possible business relationships. I look forward to continuing the long-standing relationship I have with Leverage Health and its talented team of healthcare professionals.


I have known the Leverage Health team since the company launched over ten years ago and have continuously remained impressed with their ability to identify and partner with innovative companies.  Their success can be attributed to their broad understanding of the healthcare industry along with their extensive and long term relationships.  Leverage Health’s team is professional and strategically thoughtful in their approach to the solutions they bring to me and our team.  My time with Leverage Health is always a productive two-way dialogue that stimulates my thoughts on the next trends in our industry.

BRADLEY FLUEGEL, Senior Vice President, Chief Healthcare Commercial Market Development Officer, Walgreens

I have known Leverage Health for many years,  starting when I was Executive Vice President at Anthem and President of Anthem’s Commercial & Specialty business.  During that time, Leverage Health brought many innovative companies and ideas that had the potential to positively impact Anthem.  Leverage Health built a strong relationship with me and my team and always demonstrated deep industry knowledge and creative strategic thinking as we explored new opportunities.  I am impressed with Leverage Health’s growth over the years and continue to collaborate with them and enjoy our professional relationship.

KEN GOULET, President, KRG Advisers, Inc.

Leverage Health has always been thoughtful and strategic with their presentations to IBC regarding the innovative products and solutions in their portfolio. I appreciate and understand the vetting process that Leverage Health has created for its partner companies and it allows us at Independence to know that our meetings with Leverage Health companies always have value with respect to solutions that we should consider and understanding industry trends. I’m happy to have a strong relationship with Leverage Health and consider them to be an important partner to Independence.

BRIAN LOBLEY, President, Commercial & Consumer Markets, Independence Blue Cross

I have known Leverage Health and its founders for many years and it has been a pleasure watching the company grow into a robust and dynamic organization.  To me, Leverage Health embodies the critical characteristics of a successful business including strong leadership, access to the market, financial stability and market intelligence.  Multiplan has explored various opportunities with Leverage Health and we have always enjoyed the professional interactions with their team and partner organizations.  I am happy to call Richard and Charlie both business associates and friends.

MARK TABAK, Chief Executive Officer, MultiPlan