Marcus Osborne, Strategic Advisor

Marcus has an ability to blend the strategic with the operational, and a deep understanding of a healthcare consumer –things that enable him to create value in healthcare.

Marcus has a true passion for driving transformational rather than simply incremental change in healthcare.

Throughout his career Marcus has focused on improving the healthcare industry in the U.S. by increasing access and affordability in the system for consumers, helping to launch Walmart Health and other key health initiatives.  Prior to joining Walmart in 2007, Osborne served as the Chief Financial Officer of the Clinton Foundation Health Access Initiative, helping increase access to HIV/AIDS treatment in the developing world, and as a Senior Management Consultant for Alliance Consulting Group in Boston, Massachusetts. He attended the Harvard Business School and received his Masters in Business Administration, graduating with honors.

“Leverage Health continues to help innovators who have outstanding solutions to bridge the gaps taking their solutions to market, so that those solutions can drive to greater and greater impact in the system.”

Before Leverage Health: Walmart Health, Clinton Foundation, Alliance Consulting Group

Afterwork Pursuits and Pleasures: Marcus is father to two sons in high school and spends a good deal of time keeping their lives together.  He has a passion for education and so actively engages in non-profits focused on education.  Marcus likes to play games – including adult soccer, tennis or anything anyone invites him to.