Kevin Ryan, Executive Vice President

For 25 years, Kevin Ryan has introduced the kind of innovation that drives growth in highly competitive markets. In short, when it comes to supporting creative business models few have his rock-solid track record. As a EVP at Leverage Health, Kevin is moving healthcare forward through the intelligent use of resources. His end goal and ours? Improving clinical outcomes across the healthcare ecosystem.

“With a curated portfolio of entrepreneurial innovators and an exceptional network of industry leaders and payer executives, Leverage Health shows C-suites the future of healthcare.” – Kevin Ryan

Before Leverage Health: Change Healthcare and McKesson (prior to their merger). Early on: public healthcare.

Afterwork pursuits: Kevin lives outside of Bolder Colorado with his wife and three kids, so naturally Kevin is often called to enjoy the great outdoors. His sports, depending on the season—golfing, skiing, and mountain biking.