Jack Barno, Business Development Consultant

After 30 years in the healthcare industry, most recently as managing partner at HealthBridge, Jack knows that constant change brings constant challenges. He stays on top of the innovations that can meet those challenges by addressing costs, member engagement, and utilization. At Leverage Health, Jack is well positioned to move the industry forward by accelerating the growth of innovative stars and introducing their solutions to industry stakeholders.

With his deep understanding of the industry and his determination to favor solution-seeking approaches, Jack wastes no time in bringing today’s best practices to the market. This benefits everyone—employers, health plans, their members and employees, and LH’s own portfolio companies.

“The Leverage Health team are experts positioned at the intersection of change, always ready, willing, and able to provide advice and assistance.” —Jack Barno

Before Leverage Health: HealthBridge, Devon Health Services, Ohio Health Choice,

Universal Standard Healthcare

Afterwork Pursuits and Pleasures: Family and golf, in equal measure.