Project Description

David Reilly, Senior Operations Advisor

Currently CFO and COO at Leverage Health, in the past Dave put his skills in business (MBA Harvard), public accounting, and consulting to work for several topnotch IT organizations, health-insurance companies, and exchanges. So, when we call Dave a smooth operator, you know it’s a compliment. Before joining LH in 2010, Dave served as Site Director and Head of Claims Operations at United Healthcare. A champion of our positive business culture and collaborative approaches, he appreciates that we respond to the needs of portfolio and stakeholder companies while making sure that our own team thrives.

“LH fuels the healthcare industry’s progress by identifying emerging solutions that ultimately allow the industry to provide better options for buying customers.”

—David Reilly

Before Leverage Health: United Healthcare, MedAvant Healthcare, Plan Vista Solutions

Afterwork Pursuits and Pleasures: Simply put, family and international travel.