Leverage Health Announces Appointment of Mark Stryker as Senior Vice President, Digital and Consumer Portfolio

Increasing the pace of industry change through focus on digital and consumer health solutions.

Havertown, PA, March 12, 2018 – Leverage Health (LH) announced today the appointment of Mark Stryker as Senior Vice President of the company’s Digital and Consumer Portfolio.  LH manages the business development and revenue generation activities of a vibrant group of innovative portfolio companies working to transform the healthcare industry.  Through its portfolio companies, LH enables forward-thinking health plan and health system partners to implement these valuable solutions to drive profitability, efficiency, and most importantly consumer experience and health outcomes.

Richard Lungen, LH founder and Managing Member commented on the appointment, “Over the last eleven years Leverage Health has delivered robust and effective health care solutions that drive an immensely positive impact on over two hundred health plans and health systems in the US.  In the process we have helped our portfolio company entrepreneurs, their teams and investors create great companies and build massive value.  We are incredibly excited to welcome Mark to the LH team.   Mark brings years of expertise in creating new businesses inside of large health enterprises and delivering new solutions that focus on digital and consumer fulfillment.”

Mark brings years of expertise in creating new businesses inside of large health enterprises and delivering new solutions that focus on digital and consumer fulfillment

Prior to Leverage Health, Mr. Stryker worked as an executive at GuideWell Mutual and its Blue Cross Blue Shield Florida subsidiary, where he held leadership roles as Vice President and Chief Business Development Officer, as well as the founding Chief Financial Officer at GuideWell Connect, delivering next-generation consumer sales, marketing, and member engagement solutions to health plans and at-risk health systems across the country.

In receiving the appointment to the LH team Mr. Stryker said, “Leverage Health has built a business model and an organization that insists on delivering the highest values to the constituents we serve, and through them to the consumers we all serve.  To be able to do this in the context of synthesizing new solutions and with the amazing Leverage Health team that they have assembled is truly an honor and privilege, as well as an incredible amount of fun.  I am looking forward to continuing to crisscross the country with the LHS team, delivering on the values of the amazing portfolio companies we represent.”

Mr. Stryker will be based out of Austin, Texas.

For full details on the Leverage Health Solutions portfolio, please visit www.LeverageHealth.com.

About Leverage Health – Leverage Health (LH) is a team of healthcare industry veterans — business development professionals, strategists, operators and technologists — who have joined forces to identify high-potential companies and accelerate their growth.  By providing business, market and corporate development services, LH builds relationships between innovative companies and their customers.     Visit www.leveragehealth.com.

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